#BaronsLearn The first two weeks of school

  1. @MrPattonFV getting mad props in the 10th grade ELA meeting for his grammar flubs photo class blog. #baronslearn

  2. Personal Motto Presentation “Just Dance” #baronslearn burgessdave http://instagram.com/p/d7b52eLfLz/ 

  3. @CattPhan I think we should take a moment and appreciate how well you write. The interview experience was legit. #baronslearn

  4. All but two people signed up on @instructure and @remind101 This year is going to be awesome! #baronslearn #b4life

  5. My junior and senior class of pre-calc honors applauded after the first BBN!! #baronslearn

  6. Social Studies PLC #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/ftOFG4jA8G

  7. Love this vid on Electric Vocabulary via TED-Ed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBRTR2dlwvA … Flipping this one for my freshies #baronslearn

  8. Why We Need Common Core: “I choose C.” #baronslearn http://youtu.be/dY2mRM4i6tY 

  9. Homework BANISHED- if it’s not brain fuel we aren’t doing it. Tonight’s BRAIN FUEL is: http://wp.me/p2P7lN-dw  #edchat #baronslearn

  10. Pic of @MrZiebarth taking a pic of @ScottRagan during staff dev at Bower’s. Be the Bishop. #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/WEXdHm4Ldg

  11. Morning announcements on the first day with ASB President Tricia Vuong and ASB Secretary Yvonne Le. #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/15gCrrGyA2

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    10:40 AM – 28 Aug 13 · Details
  12. Pledge on the first day with Mr. Herzfeld and ASB members Daelyn, Yvonne and Keven. #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/aPJtzayTlj

  13. Happy first day of school! Thought this shirt was fitting. #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/oQXXxraNuc

  14. I’m new to FVHS …and Twitter .. so lets see if this works 🙂 – Ms. Blanco aka student teacher for FCS #baronslearn

  15. Be the Bishop- who will you step towards this year. #baronslearn #fvhs via Scott Ragan #edchat #patue http://instagram.com/p/dhqpfDLfAg/ 

  1. These bishop stories are killing me! Our whole table is discretely trying to wipe tears away. #baronslearn

    Favorited by Brenda Silvertooth

  2. Sometimes teachers learn something from the students…..#baronslearn pic.twitter.com/4gCJzAAkHr

  3. my mom is my bishop. #baronslearn

  4. Scott Ragan sharing his “Be the Bishop” story at Bowers Museum #fvhs #baronslearn http://instagram.com/p/dhjpWVrfGS/ 



  1. The first day of school by Scott Ragan #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/2dNEi3iZzp

  2. Note to self: google welcome back cotter. #baronslearn #bornin85

  3. Paul Kanarek-There is no link btwn where you go as an undergrad and the income you make. #baronslearn

  4. #baronslearn @fvhulask8r learning about the power of teaching kids to never quit #edchat pic.twitter.com/JFpCBcNMOs

    Favorited by Krista Dornbush

  5. Majority of college entrance essay readers are minority females @ age 24 and 1st gen college grads. Know your audience #baronslearn #edchat

  6. Barons leading the way with their own Odyssey #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/JuxnbRKrYT

  7. A sea of red shirts. B4L! #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/cNWngqNF4T

    Favorited by Brenda Silvertooth and 1 other

  8. Paul Kanarek from the Princeton Review challenging teachers’ perception of what makes a great college #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/xkPsqn0maD

  9. #baronslearn Rampaging Ego is pandemic in college admissions – Paul Kanarek pic.twitter.com/55lRhe1vr5

  10. Barons learning! #baronslearn http://instagram.com/p/dhYk3GAoqA/ 

  11. Before you can feed others, you have to feed yourself #baronslearn via waitress quote at Crave #edchat pic.twitter.com/DvULAHytIY

  12. RT @clonghb Great way to start of the #1st5days shared with #baronslearn today. MT @dandesignthink: classroom rules! pic.twitter.com/PmkadaAzu5

  13. What time does the learning at Bowers start again? Oh No! #baronslearn #tardysweep @coachk @clonghb pic.twitter.com/k1cOtm4Q6t

  14. Great way to start of the #1st5days shared with #baronslearn today. MT @dandesignthink: classroom rules! pic.twitter.com/Wjjt0d7lSj

    Favorited by Christopher Kauter and 1 other

  15. @beverlypham: Presented to a roomful of teachers… #intimidating #butfun #snaplearn #baronslearn 📚✏” AWESOMELY!!

  16. I loved the vibe the staff at FVHS has! Thanks for inviting me to share in your PD day! #baronslearn because barons care!

    Favorited by Josh Lamar and 3 others

  17. The best part of staff development is the conversations in the hallways. #baronslearn http://instagram.com/p/dfcALVrfJ3/ 

  18. She’s dressed like her favorite colored M&M. @psycholaya #baronslearn #baronswin #wrappingupwitharaffle pic.twitter.com/xfhTnNEdHa

  19. Positive rules link from 1st5days preso @clonghb #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/lux9hZn8Hr

  20. #baronslearn Mr. Lamar, great addition to our Baron Family #b4life pic.twitter.com/Ta4gFTzv3y

  21. #baronslearn Psych O for the children pic.twitter.com/OTnjQ32A6S

  22. Student Support 101 @psycholaya #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/9S03UYwjRz

  23. Namaste Ms. Laframboise! #baronslearn pic.twitter.com/fBxxWdv9Yw


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